Apostolic Timeline

The following is a brief timeline of the Apostolic events:

  • Pope’s Retirement

    The retirement of Pope Benedict XVI begins; The first Pope to retire in almost 600 years.

  • Christ Makes Contact

    The office of Christ begins contact with the papal house of Pope Benedict XVI and communication between the Christ and Pope Benedict begins.

  • Divine Realization

    After initial disbelief, Pope Benedict XVI concludes that Christ has indeed returned and communication with Christ continues.

  • Two Popes Meet

    Pope Benedict meets with Francis at Castel Gandolfo and presents Francis with the evidence of Christ’s return. Francis instantly rejects the Divine News.

  • The Apostolic Letter

    Pope Benedict XVI writes and publishes “In Christum Credunt”, his official Apsotolic Letter which announces the return of Christ.

  • RAI-TV Blocked

    Pope Benedict XVI scheduled to announce Christ on RAI-TV. The announcement is blocked by Francis.

  • Home Invasion

    The inspectors of Francis invade the house of Pope Benedict XVI and arrest and kidnap 3 witnesses to the Apostolic Letter. (The witnesses were later murdered by order of Francis.)

  • Secret House Arrest

    Pope Benedict XVI placed under secret house arrest. He is allowed visitors and is brought out for some events but is being forced to remain silent about In Christum Credunt. Italian and global news media continues to censor these events.